Inclement Weather Watch

This past month, our area got hit with a Category 2 Hurricane. While we were not heavily affected, it had major impacts in our turn time as we had to halt production. We are actively monitoring Hurricane Delta as it continues to gain strength in the Gulf of Mexico. As it stands, Delta is projected to make landfall as a Category 3 Hurricane. If it continues to move East and remains at a constant or gains more strength, we will have to evacuate.

10/08/2020 UPDATE: Hurricane Delta had a major shift to the West and we are now out of its way. That being said, we wish safety to our coverts in Louisiana and Texas. Please stay safe and evacuate if needed. Shipping delays will occur but the store will continue to operate as usual.

10/07/2020 UPDATE: Hurricane Delta has dissipated to a Category 1 Hurricane. While the Hurricane has become weaker, it is still in our path and projected to strengthen once more when it reaches the coast. We continue to monitor the storm as it continues its path through the Gulf. The store will continue operating as usual. 

As of 10/06/2020, JSCProps continues to operate as normal while monitoring. Shipping delays may occur as we prepare and take precautionary measures. Thank you all for your understanding and patience.


-The JSCProps Team