Preebie Space Cowboy Armor (Individual)
JSC Props, GreatApeStudioArt

Preebie Space Cowboy Armor (Individual)

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Need to make repairs to your armor? Need specific parts for your custom build? Do you just need a very specific set of parts? Well, look no further! Pick your choice of individual armor components from this list! Keep in mind that our prints are not guaranteed to fit or fully match with other vendor armor kits.

This kit includes detail pieces printed in resin for sharper details. 

These kits are printed on demand (unless stated otherwise). Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. Kits come as DIY, these do NOT come primed or painted. 

Huge thanks to our talented friend Darren Pattenden from Great Ape Studio Art for allowing us to use his models for this kit.

This item is not endorsed or licensed by Walt Disney. Star Wars, and all associated names, characters, or related items are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC. These items are modeled and created by fans inspired by Star Wars.